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A professional service - start to finish. Chimneys must be swept at least yearly to remove soot/creosote that can cause chimney fires.

We now carry Rodtech Power sweeping equipment as standard, which is an addition to the traditional equipment of rods and brushes which has worked for the past 150 years. The correct rods and brushes are chosen that best suit the particular flue type, as incorrect brushes/rods may damage the flue. Where traditional methods are not as effective specialised equipment is used. We are equipped for large inglenooks and older fireplaces and chimneys found in many listed buildings.

The exterior of the chimney, including the pot and cowl, will be inspected on every sweep. The smoke chamber and flue will then be assessed for cracks and breaches in the flue liner. Should a more thorough assessment of the flue be required a CCTV inspection can be carried out upon request.

Typical Process

A clean sheet is placed in front of the area with a special hearth sheet on top.



The opening is sealed using specialised foam inserts.



A modern high tech vacuum with 'HEPA' filters is inserted to prevent any soot from entering the room. The flue, smoke chamber and fireplace are then carefully and thoroughly cleaned, mostly from the bottom up. 



While there, a ventilation test will be preformed to ensure the appliance has the adequate amount of air needed to operate correctly. A smoke draw test will also be carried out after sweeping is complete.



The fireplace surround, fireback can be refreshed upon request.


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