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We are a team of qualified master Chimney Sweep trained by The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps. We have all completed the HETAS dry installers course for fitting stoves and flues. We offer offer a fully insured service and are committed to promoting fire safety in the homes in Dublin and Wicklow. 

If you have an open fire, stove or boiler, you must make sure your chimney is regularly cleaned and inspected by a certified trained sweep.

In order to protect your family from harmful fumes and safeguard your building from chimney fires, all chimney sweeps should have a sound knowledge of building regulations and health and safety issues for all types of chimney systems. So it is essential that whoever sweeps your chimney is trained, certified by a professional sweep organisation and fully insured. 

A professional chimney sweep today can do far more than just clean the flue. In fact, as a Professional Master Chimney Sweep, we can advise our customers on

  1. Which appliance will best suit their needs
  2. Install appliances to building regulations
  3. Reline flues
  4. Advice on chimney fire safety
  5. Carbon monoxide issues
  6. Assess and install the correct ventilation requirements for your appliance
  7. Advice on things such as fuel types and burning cycles 

We only use HETAS approved materials when relining a chimney and installing stoves/roomheaters to ensure the customer gets the most out of their investment. 

About George Tracey

George is a qualified profesional firefighter with extensive knowledge on Building regulations, Chimney fire investigation, Fire safety and Fire Training.  He founded The Soot Doctor Limited as a response to the amount of chimney and house fires caused by poorly installed solid fuel appliances and chimney systems. All of these were unfortunately preventable.