Over 50 years of Experience

Our qualified and certified staff have over 50 years of combined experience in Fire Prevention and Fire Safety.


Guild of Master Sweepers

As the only Irish member of The Guild we are both nationally and internationally recognised for our efforts and achievements in improving standards.


Euro Fed of Chimney Sweeps

We are members and supported by the European Federation of Chimney Sweeps who provide representation and standards through education.

Not just chimney cleaning


Depending on the size and condition of the flue and fireplace, work should be completed within the hour for a standard two story open fire…
Don't light a fire 24 hours before the chimney is swept. Please remove any objects on or around the fireplace.

I hope this will find you and the team well. Again, my very sincere thanks for fixing my chimney and am delighted to be able to light a fire again. My dogs and aging cat agree :)

Client's Testimonials

.. delighted to be able to light a fire again ..

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