Cowls and other products can be supplied and fitted in Dublin and Wicklow.
Cowls & Pots (All Cowls and pots are made in Ireland)

It is important to install the correct terminal for the flue. A cowl is usually required for a specific purpose i.e. to overcome downdraft, prevent birds nesting or protect the flue from weathering. We supply and install cowls for all requirements. For people wishing to cap off a chimney that is no longer in use, we supply the correct vented terminal cap which will prevent condensation in the flue. Sometimes they are mistakenly fitted on active flues, this is potentially hazardous and can void your home insurance. 

A properly fitted chimney pot protects the stack from adverse weathering and prevents deterioration of the brickwork at the top of the chimney. A pot also improves draft in a flue and prevents a degree of downdraft and water ingress into the flue. We supply and install pots to suit any chimney. 

Please note many downdraft issues may be caused by inadequate ventillation, a second chimney in the building, a cold flue, the chimney terminating in a high pressure region or maybe a room air inlet on the leeward side of the building many more potential problems. A site survey may be needed to investigate and resolve the problem.

Anti Bird & Anti Rain (ABR) Chimney cowl

Prevents birds and rain entering the chimney. High grade stainless steel construction.
Will not provide against downdraft.



A Top Cap for your disused chimney pot. When in place this cap will reduce the air flow up your chimney which acts like an extractor fan taking all of your heat from your home.This can save you 150 per cap per year


Spinner Anti-Draft Chimney cowl

Stops the wind penetrating the chimney which can cause smoke to escape from the fireplace and other appliances. 
Suitable for use with Oil, Gas and solid fuels.


static_antidraught_cowlStatic Anti-Draft Chimney cowl

Highly effective at stopping the wind from entering the chimney of occasional and not severe downdraft. If the problem is severe than you need to install a Spinner Chimney Cowl. Also prevents rain and birds entering the flue.


super_C_electric_fanSuper C Electric Fan/Cowl Ventilator

The Super C's main purpose is to provide updraft.  It will solve the most severe of downdraft issues.Must not be used on a chimney where it's length is less than (4.6 m ) 15 feet


Chimney_control_cowlChimney Control Cowl

By increasing or decreasing the size of the opening you can control and limit: Heat loss up the chimney, Draft and fuel consumption.Flow reversal, External noise reduction.


All Cowls are made in Ireland using High grade stainless steel and carry a one year guarantee against any defect in materials or workmanship.

                                       Fire Safety Products

  • 'EI electrics' Smoke alarms (10 year) Made in Ireland
  • 'EI electrics' Carbon monoxide alarms (5 year) Made in Ireland
  • Fire blankets 1.2m x 1.2m.
  • Fire Extinguishers, 2, 3 & 6 kg.
  • Escape ladders 

Extinguishers are manufactured to EN3 and CE marked.

Carbon Monoxide alarms conform to BS EN 50291:2001

We supply and fit all above products in Dublin and Wicklow.

Please contact me for advice and prices on any of the above

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